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Ubuntu Beach Villas BY LANTERN

“Ubuntu’ deriving from the Xhosa Language in South Africa, means a quality that represents the essential human virtues compassion and humanity. Our beginnings and origins lead us to associations to societies from all over the world, where Ubuntu unites us.

The integrated boutique Ubuntu concept, shares the same boutique spirit and feeling as the Lantern Hotel, creating a relaxed environment, tastefully appointed with private and communal areas for guests to chill out and relax or greet and meet people from all over the world.

Ubuntu Beach Villas by Lantern consists of two 8 bedroom Beach Villas that includes 4 Courtyard Rooms and 4 Ocean Rooms. The Courtyard Rooms boasts outdoor showers with the bedrooms opening out to a garden. The spacious Ocean View Rooms offer stunning views of the shore line and sea.

Ocean View Room
Courtyard Room
Ubuntu Beach Boutique by Lantern
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