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As part of our philosophy at Lantern, we are committed to social infrastructure and community development, and a responsible long term approach to Sri Lanka. We work with the community to ensure that we leave a positive footprint by respecting the people and the environment.

Our aim is to support select projects with the revenue earned by Lantern which will be passed on towards community development, such as our future Farmer’s market that will encourage local commerce.

We partner and support local and foreign organisations in their events and activities to raise funds for their noble causes. We prefer to work intimately with select groups to ensure that funds are used accountably, efficiently and effectively. See below for a list of these organisations.

We use solar hot water through our premises, ground well pumps for garden water usage, and are expanding our green footprint through modern treatment facilities. Our hotel uses minimal packaged produce and utilises no packaged products within the room amenities. We are committed to minimising waste.

We are committed to supporting the local wildlife, and actively support the protection, through education of local communities. There is a seasonal and healthy community of Turtles that frequent the Kamburugamuwa beach, laying and hatching here. We have been significant in sustaining this,

Foundation Of Goodness

Founded by Kushil Gunasekera, who through the Tsunami had been a source of refuge for many Sri Lankans, has dedicated himself selflessly to this noble cause, now with a committed team of individuals from the community at large, there is much good being done across the country. The Foundation of Goodness is a not for profit NGO registered in Sri Lanka. With the vision “To create a sustainable community model designed to inspire other regions and empower disadvantaged communities throughout the globe.” The foundation has impacted communities across the Island, from Jafna in the North to the deep South.

With a dedicated and reputable Board of Trustees, we have provided much support and contribution to help achieve their objectives.

Our efforts have included events in Singapore and Sri Lanka, and have contributed to raising over US$350,000

Foundation Of Goodness

Pimp My Tuk Tuk

Pimp My Tuk Tuk, was founded in Singapore by a group of passionate individuals in Singapore. The group started their forst voyage in India, where they realised the opportunity to be involved in something fun and friendship building, whilst creating a worthwhile element of giving back to the communities around them.

The Pimp My Tuk Tuk event in Sri Lanka in 2014 was highly successful, covering almost 100kms, in 20 Tuk Tuk’s with 40 riders, the group raised over US$250,000.

We at Lantern were proud to have hosted the riders and to have supported their efforts in raising funds for Charities in Singapore and Sri Lanka, and looking forward to the next event to be held again in Sri Lanka in 2017.

Pimp My Tuk Tuk


The Singapore Sri Lankan Business association was founded by a group of Sri Lankan businessmen based in Singapore in 1991.

The SLBA is registered under the Singapore Registry of Societies and is a Not For Profit, where the contributions of its committee members and community are charitable to the organisations objectives. Among its mandate, the SLBA is chartered with promoting opportunity for Sri Lankans and Singaporean communities to enhance relationships and foster culture and growth.

Lantern has worked closely with the SLBA, supporting its contributions to business and cultural events in Singapore. We are currently working together on a un Up and Coming Artists Exhibition which will seek to showcase these Sri Lankan Artists in Singapore and build greater ties to the art community here.

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